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With over twenty years experience within the Construction Industry, covering Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Building Services, Civls, Mechanical, Electrical, Control, Instrumentation and all elements of Building Services we have the best experience available to assist you.


We assist with the Procurement of Subcontractors ensuring compliance with Site Speciifcations, Subcontractor Management, Cost Controling, Quantity Surveying, Progress Reporting, and Cost Reporting just to name a few..


We have the experience and ability to manage any commerical activity from Contract Award through to Final Acccount.

“To ensure the financial and contractual position of the Client and maintain its commercial strength on all projects”


If you do not have a Cost Value Reconciliation system, we can set this up for you and maintain it.

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“Streetwise and level headed with a keen eye for detail who is direct and tells it like it is”


Trevor Walton MES
Past, Present & Future

Starting from the lowest rung of the Commercial Ladder on Stanlow Oil Refinery back in 1990, the Commercial Skills and Experience began and developed from there.
Forensic detailed substantiation to satisfy the Clients Auditors was an everyday occurrence and this has been carried forward as we have grown and expanded into other business sectors.
A solid 4 year “Apprenticeship” was served as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor leading to Quantity Surveyor and Senior Surveyor Roles respectively whilst being responsible for the entire Electrical, Control and Instrumentation works on site for the then Employer.
Experience has been attained in;
Civils, Steelwork, Mechanical Pipework, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Telecoms / Datacoms / Fibre Optic, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas, Building Services, Design & Build, PFI and Claims Preparation / Management.
Every Commercial Role has been held at some point during the last 24 years which led us to offer our services to the open market.

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Well…….we have been taking care of business! We have continued to grow and expand our experience so as to ensure Client satisfaction and a high level of confidence is present so that the Client knows that their Project is in good hands. If you visit our projects page, you can see the types of project we have been involved with and the scope of our services.
We aim to provide our robust but fair and reasonable approach to all, whether it be a small Subcontractor being “bashed” and refused payment by a Client, or a Client having spurious claims made by large or small contractors for monies that they are not entitled to. In this current climate, Subcontractors are trying to maximise their accounts and there is nothing wrong with asking for what you are entitled to, the same as it is ok for a Client to refuse payment for works you are not entitled to . This is where we fit in. We know what entitlement is fair and reasonable and work within the realms of the contract that is in place……or not. If you need help, get in touch. Also, see the link at the bottom of this page to go to our sister site if you have aged debt or problems getting paid.
Our Skills
Project Management 100%
Procurement 70%
Cost Control 90%
Quantity Surveying 100%
Contractor Management 85%
Progress Reporting 73%